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MARS 2019 – Moscou – Sleep Forum

14 mars 2019 :16 mars 2019

Le Sleep Forum de Moscou

Un événement dont Hypnos est coorganisateur

Hypnos est coorganisateur du Sleep Forum 2019 à Moscou.
FORUM “SLEEP- 2019” is an annual international medical event in Russia since 2014.
The Forum brings together basic science and clinical sleep researchers, physiologists and sleep clinicians to stimulate collaboration among them.
The purpose of FORUM “SLEEP- 2019” is to promote research on sleep and related areas, to improve the care for patients with sleep disorders and to inspire medical students and novice specialists to new knowledge for sleep medicine.
FORUM “SLEEP-2019” will be held in Moscow, Russia at Moscow State University on March 14-16, 2019.
The FORUM is also supported and endorsed by the following medical societies:
• Moscow State University
• Russian National Sleep Society
• French Sleep Society
• Russian National Therapeutic Society
• University Clinic of Moscow State University
The FORUM attendees will have the chance to benefit from scientific exchange during either the formal activities or the informal meetings with colleagues from different backgrounds. They will also have a chance to get acquainted with the largest city in Russia and to enjoy the excellently preserved sights of Moscow including the Red Square, and the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, the Novodevichiy Convent, Vorobievy Mountains and many others.








Avec retard, je m’en excuse, mais avec sincérité, je vous vous l’assure, je tiens à vous remercier de m’avoir accueilli avec Patricia Franco lors du congrès de mi-mars à Moscou.

Je tiens à souligner la qualité de votre organisation, j’ai eu moi-même à gérer ce type de manifestations dans mon domaine professionnel, je sais à quel point cela est chronophage …

Grand merci encore


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14 mars 2019
Fin :
16 mars 2019
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