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Sleep Forum de Moscou (19 mars 2020)

19 mars :21 mars


Intervenants :

Prof. Maria Pia Villa, M.D.
Full Professor and Chair of Pediatrics NESMOS Department, Faculty of Medicine & Psychology, Sapienza University of Rome. Head of Regional Sleep Disorders Center Sant'Andrea Hospital. Via di Grottarossa 1035-1039-Rome 00189, Italy
"Central sleep apnea, periodic breathing and hypoventilation in non syndromic disorder in infants and in children"

Pr Raphael HEINZER
Professeur associé et Médecin chef. Centre d'investigation et de recherche sur le sommeil (CIRS) - CHUV, BH 06, 1011 Lausanne - Switzerland - "Sleep predictors of incident cardiovascular diseases" - "Evénements lors du sommeil prédicteurs d'incidents CV"

Pr Jean Paul Janssens
Médecin adjoint agrégé. Responsable de l'Unité de Consultation Ambulatoire de Pneumologie et Centre antituberculeux, Service de Pneumologie, Hôpital Cantonal Universitaire, 1211 Genève 14, Suisse. " Indications des ASV hors Cheyne-Stokes " - "Geneva Lake Study, épidémiologie de la VNI"

ORL Paris. "Toxine botulique et Bruxisme / Botulinum toxin and Bruxism"

Dr Marie Françoise VECCHIERINI
Hôtel Dieux Paris. "Is OSA different in women and men" /" Le SAOS est -il different selon le genre"

Neuro-pédiatre CHU Béclère "Sleep disorders around childhood epilepsy: considerations and pitfalls" / Troubles du sommeil autour de l’épilepsie de l’enfant: considérations et pièges

Dr Gabriel ROISMAN PH CHU Béclère
"Trouble respiratoires du sommeil et chirurgie bariatrique"

Dr ATROUN Karim Somnologue Paris
"Management du SAS chez ICC connaissances actuelles et nouvelles perspectives" / Management of Sleep Apnea with HF Current Knowledge and new insight"


FORUM “SLEEP- 2020” is an annual international medical event in Russia since 2014.

The Forum brings together basic science and clinical sleep researchers, physiologists and sleep clinicians to stimulate collaboration among them.
The purpose of FORUM “SLEEP- 2020” is to promote research on sleep and related areas, to improve the care for patients with sleep disorders and to inspire medical students and novice specialists to new knowledge for sleep medicine.
FORUM “SLEEP-2020” will be held in Moscow, Russia at Moscow State University on March 19.

The FORUM is also supported and endorsed by the following medical societies:
• Moscow State University
• Russian National Sleep Society
• French Sleep Society
• Russian National Therapeutic Society
• University Clinic of Moscow State University

The FORUM attendees will have the chance to benefit from scientific exchange during either the formal activities or the informal meetings with colleagues from different backgrounds. They will also have a chance to get acquainted with the largest city in Russia and to enjoy the excellently preserved sights of Moscow including the Red Square, and the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, the Novodevichiy Convent, Vorobievy Mountains and many others.




Début :
19 mars
Fin :
21 mars
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Sleep medicine center of Moscow State University